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I am committed that you having a Gourmet Life by eliminating any sense of shame or hesitation within your sex life! Too often the subject of physical intimacy makes it difficult to talk in a real way about what isn't working in your sex life. This can leave you dissatisfied and even shut-down in your sex life and often in other areas of your life as well. I love to offer a safe place to discover yourself more fully! I listen with open ears and offer insight and coaching that is safe, eye-opening, and yields personal transformation that will alter the course of your life and your relationships in a way you could never have anticipated!


Invite me to speak at your next event! I love to engage with audiences around topics of sexual expression, intimacy, re-awakening passions and the magic of flowing between femininity and masculinity.  The environment I create is safe and fun!  Your guests will not only have a great time, they will also gain insight that they can put into action right away!


Are you looking to expand your ability to experience intimacy and passion? No matter the stage of your relationship, or whether you are in a relationship or not, I would be honored to support you on your journey to create your very own delicious, rich and satisfying Gourmet Life!  You will feel supported, safe and energized as you increase the passion in your life!


  • “I was going through the motions, sleepwalking through life. I wanted things but they seemed out of reach. I had this heaviness in my heart. I was so lost in my current problems forgetting to enjoy the little things, forgetting that nothing in our life time is permanent. One night I met Beth and I had a re-awakening. Reality hit me hard. I was struck in awe by her vibrant energy and bright aura. She seemed so put together. I suddenly had an inspiration, realizing, that could be me. Beth was like a symbol of who I could be. Who I already was. By seeing her I was suddenly reminded of how beautiful life could be. I realized I don’t have to be in a depressed state. I have a choice. I can do better. We all have hopes and dreams. We all want gourmet lives. Sometimes we forget. Sometimes the fire and the passion is gone, switched off. We are too distracted by the day to day grind of daily living . Beth helped me to turn on the light, the fire, the passion AND NOW I AM AWAKE.”

    H.M., Toronto, Canada originally from the Middle East (26 year old woman)
  • “Before I worked with Beth, my sex life was an area I was not looking at because it was uncomfortable. It is not easy to be vulnerable around others but I felt safe around Beth.

    When I did the exercise of exploring what I want in a relationship, it was so useful. What came from it was creating an amazing partnership and getting not just what I wanted but so many things I didn’t even know I wanted.

    Now I have a partner to share my life with and to create a love life with. Before I was scared to open up and even talk to anyone about my sex life. After working with Beth I feel a lot lighter around my desires and instead of being in a tortured vulnerable state…I feel alive and free to feel and express what I want sexually and be vulnerable with somebody and be in absolute love with someone.”

    A. K., Toronto, Canada originally from New Delhi, India (30 year old man)
  • “Beth Ostrander has a very warm personality. She did a speaking engagement at one of my events and spoke about passions in life and what structures we have or don’t have around things we are passionate about. She engaged the audience to participate and people seemed to be really enjoying themselves while working through the exercises. Beth was very easy to work with prior to the event discussing the purpose of this exercise and what we wanted to accomplish. Beth is a great speaker and a passionate leader who truly cares about making a difference.”

    Dr. Larisa Shevchuk, Chiropractor, Registered Nurse, Toronto Canada
  • “Beth Ostrander does extraordinary work. Her intuitive nature is so accurate. She knows just the right thing to say, and just how hard not to push. I’ve discovered things about myself that I didn’t know existed or were buried so deep I forgot about them. The space of non-judgmental safety that she provides makes it easy to be open and vulnerable…and that is before talking about sex! Highly recommend her services. If you are someone who is interested in being at peace, Beth holds your hand in that journey.” Mimi Huberman Thrasher, Time Management Coach, Speaker and Author, Toronto Canada

    Mimi Huberman Thrasher, Time Management Coach, Speaker and Author, Toronto Canada