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I AM A REAL PERSON. And I have a real life, as I’m sure you do, as well. Before I even thought about starting Gourmet Sex Life, I had to find that real person hidden deep inside myself.  This person was covered up by fear, by indecision, and by the inability to even express what I truly wanted.

Finally, I decided to uncover this real person. To reveal layer by layer all of the beautiful aspects of what makes me who I am. But first I had to identify those desires, figure out what I truly wanted regardless of any influence or expectation. This was hard!

I spent years in a marriage feeling unfulfilled both sexually and emotionally. Before that, my upbringing in the Christian Evangelical church had created an expectation that my sexual desires be repressed. The impact this had on my entire being, from my relationships to my settling for a career that left me without purpose, is one that extended its grip for years.

Having gone through all of this, I have clearly seen how all parts of ourselves – body, mind and soul – are deeply interconnected. The manner in which we relate to our physical and sexual desires is a microcosm of so many larger issues both women and men have around expressing all of our life’s true desires.

Coming to this revelation has led me from a life of frustration and hopelessness to a place of loving life - MY life!  Now I get to create awesome things for myself and those around me!

My journey will always be part of who I am.  Now I simply choose to no longer suffocate my own true desires but go after satisfying them without hesitation! I have created The Gourmet Sex Life community as a safe place for others to share their experiences and have their own journey to discover how delicious and limitless their out life can be!!

Join the journey. Live Gourmet, Love Gourmet, Feel Gourmet.